Thursday, August 30, 2018

Headsparks - Beastro CD (Japan Tour 2017)


Fixing A Hole (2017)

Headsparks are a band that remained a secret to me for far longer than it should have.  Considering that the band features Andy from Donfisher, Ohno Express and GAN(!).  I can't believe they've been around for years and had released three albums before I had caught wind of them.  I'm doing my best to make up for lost time with the records I have of theirs now and the first one I'll write about on here is their album Beastro.

This particular version of Beastro is the version they sold on their 2017 tour of Japan.  From what I've read it's a remastered version of an album they released in 2016.  In addition to the new mastering, there's also new bass on every song from a new bass player who wasn't around for the original recording of the album.  Having not heard the original version, I can't compare the two, but what I can say about this version of Beastro I have is that it's pretty damn great.  And the bass sounds very nice.

Headsparks are playing the sort of melodic UK punk rock that's just about been my favorite kind of music since forever.  They definitely highlight the melodic part of the equation and I find their songs to have the intricacies of some of the latter Leatherface records while still having the same sort of catchy urgency that you'd hear from Hooton 3 Car at the height of their powers.  Every song on this album is a crackling with energy and super dynamic guitar work.  It just creates a whirlwind of noise that still allows the melodies and hooks to shine through.

It's a hell of a record.  I wish I had been paying attention to these guys all along, but I'll certainly be keeping track of them now.  I have their most recent 2017 record, Vs. The Metric System, as well and I'll be writing a little bit about that one sometime in the next few weeks.

Headsparks - Beastro:

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