Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Supercrush - I Can't Lie 7" - Pink Vinyl (/100)


Debt Offensive (2018)

Supercrush has really managed to tap into a very specific vein on 90s nostalgia for me with the four 7"s they've released over the past few years.  There aren't many bands playing the sort of warm and fuzzy pop tunes that Supercrush seems to churn out effortlessly.  Everything I love about bands like Poole and Super Deluxe is encapsulated in the perfect pop nuggets that Supercrush have been releasing.

The two new songs on this 7" are no exception.  The band hasn't strayed from their winning formula, but they are focusing on the mellower side of their songwriting with these two songs.  Both "I Can't Lie" and "Walking Backwards" are slower and more deliberate.  But with the slower tempo, the band is able to conjure up such lush harmonies and really capture the essence of a lazy Sunday afternoon in the summer, with their tunes providing the cool breeze you are so desperately craving.

Four 7"s in and Supercrush continues to delight.  I wonder if they will ever commit to a full album or if the plan is to keep with the 7" format.  I would love to hear a full album by these guys, but as long as they keep the songs coming, I'll take them however I can get them.

Supercrush - I Can't Lie 7":