Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Pretty Flowers - My Alchemist 7" - Blue Vinyl (/300)


Self Released (2015)

I had mentioned the other week that as soon as I had listened to The Pretty Flowers insanely great debut full length, Why Trains Crash,  I immediately bought everything else they were selling on their Bandcamp page.  That was a T shirt and two 7"s.  This is their debut 7" that came out back in 2015.  I can't believe this thing has been out in the world for three years and wasn't in my record collection.  That's just wrong.

This 7" starts off with an early version of a song that ended up on their full length called "My Alchemist."  Even this version, which is a bit more stripped down and is missing some of the backing harmonies and guitar flourishes, you can tell what a perfect, well written song it is at the very core.  I just love it, not even sure what else to say.  It's melodic and beautiful and catchy.  I can't get over how great this band is.

The two songs on the B side are exclusive to this 7".  The first is "In The Summer."  It's a fast paced, pretty straightforward pop song.  It once again showcases the bands incredible knack for writing hooks.  It may be a little simpler than some of their other songs, but it punches above its weight.

Lastly we have a cover song; "Panama."  No, not that shitty Van Helen song.  This Panama is a J Church cover from their Tide Of Fate 7".  I'm admittedly not as thoroughly knowledgable on J Church's vast discography as a lot of folks are, but I know this song.  I'm not sure where from, because I have a lot of J Church catching up to do, but this Pretty Flowers version is definitely not the first time I've heard this song.  The Pretty Flowers version is great too.  What can I say, everything they touch turns to gold.

The Pretty Flowers - My Alchemist 7":

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