Monday, August 20, 2018

Thirsty Chords - Red Eyes CD


Shirafu (2014)

Red Eyes is the 2nd full length album from  Thirsty Chords and it's their third release that I've written about since I became aware of the band.  I had first discovered them as their name had come up more than a few times while I was looking for some more information about the equally great band Bows.  They seem to be kindred spirits, and I'm really glad that the searching led me to Thirsty Chords.  Red Eyes, like their other releases, is simply fantastic.

Thirsty Chord's version of melodic punk rock often reminds me of fellow countrymen Minority Blues Band, although I find Thirsty Chords write poppier songs with bigger hooks.  Where I see the most similarities with Minority Blues Band is how Thirsty Chords' songs are bursting with energy to the point where it sometimes seems like the song may come unglued at any moment.  But Thirsty Chords never lose it, their chaos is controlled as the verses ball themselves up and let loose with super catchy choruses.

There are so many great melodic punk rock bands in Japan.  If you enjoy any of the bands I've written about like Gleam Garden, Short Straw Fate, Bows or anything on Waterslide or Snuffy Smile, I can't imagine you not digging Thirsty Chords just as much.  Red Eyes is just as great as anything those bands and labels have released.

Thirsty Chords - "Lenticular":

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