Monday, June 29, 2020

Don Chicharrón - Valle 7" - Brown/Green Translucent Vinyl


Snappy Little Numbers / Don Cheech Discos (2020)

First off, I should immediately point out that all proceeds from this fine little 7" benefit Casa de Paz & Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition.  These are organizations dedicated to helping struggling immigrant and that is a cause I can definitely get behind. Especially considering how completely batshit insane things are in this country right now.

Now onto Don Chicharrón.  A side "Valle" is an upbeat instrumental propelled by punch and rhythmic drums.  On top of that is blast of surfy guitar riffing that mixes in perfectly with the salsa-esque beat that drives the song forward.  It's the kind of song that feels cinematic in nature and I can easily imagine it providing the soundtrack to key scene in a movie.  Definitely one where tension is building.

On the B side is "En La Gruta Del Rey De La Montaña."  Another instrumental, this is a cover of a piece of music hat is sometimes also called "In the Hall of the Mountain King" or "I Dovregubbens hall."  You may not know those by name, I sure didn't and had to look them up.  But I assure you that you will know the melody of this piece.  If for no other reason than it's been utilized as cartoon soundtrack music since the beginning of time.  Chicharrón's version ups the frantic nature of this song and once again blasts in some effect laden surfy guitar work.  It's a ton of fun and was a welcome surprise once I hit that side of the record.

Don Chicharrón - Valle 7":

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