Friday, June 5, 2020

Mammals - This Sound 7"


Lamont (2017)

When Mammals sent over their most recent 7", Look Around You, they were kind enough to toss in their first two singles as well.  This Sound is the first of the two and is another example of some really great, straightforward jangle guitar pop songwriting.

A side "This Sound" certainly has a 60s vibe to it with its repetitive guitar riff and thunderous kick drum.  There's no reinvention of the wheel going on here, but that isn't to insinuate that Mammals are trapped in a decade from over half a century ago.  For me, what it does is showcase the fact that songs don't need to have overly complicate structures or other pyrotechnics to stand out.  There's something compelling about a back to the basics simple and catchy song.

But then things pick up even more with the B side "No Easy Way."  And while I oddly hear similarities to a few songs from the 2003 Sean Na Na album My Majesty (a sorely overlooked pop gem, by the way), it's impossible not to get caught up in the song's punchy verses and big hook of a chorus.  Of the two songs, it's my favorite.  I'll write something up about the last 7" I have of there's in the upcoming weeks.

Mammals - This Sound 7"

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