Friday, June 19, 2020

The Midnight Vein - Till It Explodes 7"


Swimming Faith (2020)

First off, kudos on the artwork.  The see through artwork combined with the yellow insert brushed with wildflower seeds is quite the interesting set up.  This 7" immediately jumped out at me when it came in the mail and enticed me to give it a spin right away.

As far as the music, I quite liked the a side "Till It Explodes."  It's a soft and somewhat dreamy song, but reminded me a little bit of The Beta Band in the way the song just builds up, adding layers of instrumentation as if move forward. Also the vocal melody makes me want to compare this to that And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead song "Source Tags and Code" (The song called that, not the entire album).  Maybe not my typical cup of tea, but I definitely like this.

B side "Run From The Light" doesn't grab me the same way.  It's way too long and doesn't lean on poppier melodies the same way the A side does.  This one's a bit more experimental with effects on the vocals and a repetitive beat structure.  I actually know a lot of people from my college radio days that would love this side of the record, but I'm more interested to see if the band has any more tunes like "Till It Explodes."

The Midnight Vein - Till It Explodes 7"

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