Monday, June 15, 2020

Facility Men - It's Fun To Disappear LP


Big Neck (2019)

This is another album that's been sitting around far too long waiting for me to give it a spin.  As I've mentioned, the current situation of the world and the lack of spare cash I have to spend on records is having the slightly positive benefit of helping me clear out the backlog.  This album came out in mid 2019, but I don't think I've been sitting on it for a whole year.  Either that or I've completely lost rack of time.

I've actually heard Facility Men before.  Back in 2016, I wrote about their demo tape that came out on More Power tapes.  I had written then that I was a little disappointed as the music was good, but I wasn't that into the vocals.  For their debut full length on Big Neck, the vocals are massively improved.  This time out I'm reminded a bit of The Estranged in how the vocals mix with the angular, almost Unwound-esque guitar attack.

Facility Men have shown so much growth since their tape from a few years ago.  My lukewarm reaction to that cassette is one of the things that kept me putting this LP on the back burner. Well, that was pretty dumb.  There's a lot to like about It's Fun To Disappear and it makes me eager to see where the band goes next.

Facility Men - It's Fun To Disappear:

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