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Godzilla - From Godzilla: The Showa Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975 Box Set

Godzilla - From Godzilla: The Showa Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975 Box Set

Waxwork (2021)

When I reviewed the Weird Al box set I wrote an individual post about each record, rather than try to summarize the whole set at once.  That seemed to work out for me OK, so I'm going to try that same method when writing about this fabulous Godzilla box set.  I'm going to tackle each soundtrack on Fridays for the next many weeks.  If you come to this site to read about rock and roll, you're probably going to be cranky for a bit.  Apologies for that.

This box set contains the soundtrack score for each of the fifteen Showa era Godzilla movies.  This is the original run of films that spanned 1954 to 1975.  For me, these are great films and total staples of my childhood.  I was thrilled when this box set was announced and couldn't be happier with what Waxwork pulled off.

In addition to each of the LPs with killer art, there's a Godzilla slipmat, a twelve by twelve art print and this killer box.  The fist album in this set is, of course, the soundtrack for the original Godzilla from 1954.  

I actually did have a vinyl version of this specific soundtrack already as it was released by Death Waltz a few years ago.  While the track listing is worded slightly different, it's pretty much the same.  This Waxwork version sounds incredible and is presented in mono, as it should be.  This score is excellent with the highlight for me always being the main title theme.  Even as a kid, I found this particular melody so weirdly empowering and it always got me pumped up.

That first movie is also an all time classic.  I didn't get to see the original Japanese version until I was in my twenties.  When I was a kid, the US version was something I had on VHS and enjoyed, but didn't watch as much as some of the others.  As an older fellow, I learned to really appreciate the beauty and powerful message of the original Japanese movie.  I highly recommend seeking that out if you've never had a chance to see it. 

Godzilla - "Main Title Theme":

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