Monday, January 24, 2022

Werewolf Jones - Stroh Down - Live at Outer Limits Lounge 2019 Cassette


Big Neck / Primitive Screwheads (2021)

3rd live tape from the Big Neck folks, this time we've got Werewolf Jones.  If nothing else, I really dig the band name and the artwork, so it moved up to the next spot on the list as I attempt to catch up on all of these tapes.

We'll start out with the live show fidelity.  It's still not quite as clear as the Ar-Kaics one, but it is an easier listen that The Things tape from last week.  You can definitely hear the instrumentation very clearly and the vocals, while a bit quieter are still solidly audible.  If anything, I'd probably be less into this if the vocals were louder in the mix.

And that's probably the thing for me, musically.  I'm not really one who's super interested in the sort of singers that get really yell-y.  While the vocals do fit the punishing guitar riffs, it does slide a little too much into hardcore hollering for my personal taste.  But if nothing else, that guitar player really knows how to play fast.  It's pretty impressive even if it's not my favorite thing I've heard lately.

Werewolf Jones -  Stroh Down - Live at Outer Limits Lounge 2019:

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