Monday, January 31, 2022

The Art Gray Noizz Quintet - Live at 66th Congress, Friday 13th 2020 Cassette


Big Neck / Primitive Screwhead (2021)

With this one, I am halfway through the Primitive Screwhead/Big Neck live tapes that I have.  While I am saving a specific one for last that I am very confident will be my favorite, this tape by The Art Gray Noizz Quintent is at the top of my list at least until I get to that eighth tape.

I think the main reason I dig this tape the most right now is because I can't help but hear some Drive Like Jehu nods here and there.  Sure, the vocals are way different and there's saxophone and trombone players, but at its heart, I feel an embrace of dissonance and intricate chord progressions that give me those Jehu vibes that I like so much.

This is another band that I'm hearing for the first time as a live recording.  Not usually the most ideal way to dip your toes into listening to a new band, but luckily the sound quality of the record is pretty solid.  The vocals are a little echo-y, but the band sounds tight and has just a gigantically fully sound.  I'm definitely going to have to poke around and see what else this band has hanging around as my curiosity has certainly been piqued with this tape. 

The Art Gray Noizz Quintet - Live at 66th Congress, Friday 13th 2020:

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