Thursday, February 6, 2014

Against Me! - True Trans 7"

Total Treble (2013)

This 7" was released as a precursor to the new Against Me me record, which I'll write more about tomorrow. The True Trans EP offers up 2 acoustic versions of songs on the full length; "Fuckmylife666" and "True Trans Soul Rebel." I have always liked that Against Me has peppered their albums with acoustic songs. It always provides a nice change of pace and really works in the context of an album.

I haven't always been as big of a fan of their releasing acoustic versions of songs that have a full band version on the album. Not that any of them are bad, and both tracks on this 7" are pretty good acoustic takes on these songs, but it just always felt a little unnecessary to me. I would rather some new songs than redone ones. I guess it's for the same reasons that remixes as B-sides never really do much for me. I have these songs, let's hear some new ones.

That being said, this is partially my fault. These 2 tracks were meant to be heard before the album. But, I missed the limited clear vinyl when it went on sale, so I waited until I ordered the full album and added the 7" to the bundle to save on shipping. I may have been more into these if I had heard them first, but since I heard the electric version first, the songs on this 7" just became remixes to me.

Against Me - True Trans Soul Rebel (Acoustic):

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