Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Jay Vons - Night (Was Stealing From The Sun) 7"

La-Ti-Da (2013)

Part of the 2013 La-Ti-Da singles subscription, The Jay Vons seem to be coming from a similar place as their equally fantastic label mates The Ballantynes. The Jay Vons are playing organ laced, 60's style soul. They have a real attention to detail when it comes to production as both songs sound less "retro" and more like an actual product of the time frame that they obviously have a great affection for. I've thought for a long time that old soul music was ripe for a renaissance and it's great to see La-ti-Da leading the charge.

The one thing I find confusing is that the record I received was on black vinyl. I thought as part of the La-T-Da singles subscription, I was supposed to get a limited colored vinyl variant, but I'm wondering if that ended up not happening as I couldn't find a reference to what color it was supposed to be anywhere on the La-Ti-Da website. If anyone out there knows if there is another version of this 7" floating around, please let me know.

The Jay Vons - Night (Was Stealing From The Sun) 7":

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  1. I received a newsletter email about the singles club disclosing that there was not a color run on the Jay Von's single in the series. Let me know if you want me to forward it to you. Nonetheless a good single though. Cool retro sleeve design.