Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Wild Ones - Day Drunk 7" - Green Vinyl (/150)

La-Ti-Da (2013)

I decided that I'll spend the rest of this week catching up on the remaining La-Ti-Da singles subscription releases I've recently received. Today's entry comes from a band called the Wild Ones. I wasn't familiar with them prior to hearing this 7" and I don't know that they would have ended up on my radar otherwise. But that is what I love best about signing up for a series of singles. It's the surprises and discoveries that keep me coming back. Even if I've been burned by some labels that just never fulfilled what I subscribed for, I'll probably always be a sucker and come back for more. I just love the discovery process.

The Wild Ones immediately remind me of the old Douchemaster band The Baby Shakes. They play a similar jangley, 60's girl group influenced style of guitar pop. The songs are infectious and the vocals are so much stronger than what you'll get out of your run of the mill garage band. The first song, "Day Drunk" is a faster, carefree track that really harnesses the bands energy. It's an immediate attention grabber and I can't think of a better first song to hear by a band.

The B-side, Come Around, slows things down a bit, but really captures that 60's style song of yearning better than anything I've heard in quite some time. La-Ti-Da is becoming particularly adept at finding bands who can cull the sounds of 50 years ago; but present them in a fresh and exciting way that holds up with anything being released in 2014. I wish them continued success in this endeavor and offer more money flung at them for future singles subscriptions.

The Wild Ones - Day Drunk 7":

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