Friday, February 21, 2014

Minutes - Roland LP

Minutes - Roland LP by Tim PopKid
Minutes - Roland LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Self Released (2014)

This album was released in on Bandcamp in December of 2013, but it looks like the vinyl wasn't out until January.  This means you can file Roland 1 of 2 ways.  It's either one of the best records so far of 2014 or it's an early contender for the best record of last year that I missed. For the sake of year-end lists, I'm going to call this a 2014 release.

Minutes is a band from Michigan that is carrying on indie rock traditions of the 90's with much success.  Though the album starts off kind of slow, once it hits; it really hits. You might want to dismiss them during the lead song "Get Off Your Ass." A slower, darker song that would really make you want to lump these guys in with the slacker movement of 20 years ago. Things aren't a lot better on the 2nd track "Stolen Wallet." While neither are bad songs, they don't make the band seem like anything special.

Once you get to the third song, "Against Your Will," that is where the album really starts to pick up. From there the band starts showing their mastery of the genre. Some songs have a Pavement pop feel to it. Others have the crashing energy of Vee Vee era Archers of Loaf. And more often than not, you can hear Minutes channeling the melodies and excitement of The Dismemberment Plan, without all the goofy, pretentious sound effects. It's such a great album that I absolutely must find their out of print first LP. It just needs to be in my collection immediately.

Roland is absolute one of the best records I've heard so far this year, even if it's not officially a 2014 release. This year is not starting off nearly as packed with good records as 2013 did, so now is a good time to go check out this album, like me, you might have missed it.

Minutes - Roland LP:

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