Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flying Kangaroo Alliance - Hit The Wall 7" - Clear Splatter Vinyl

Punk Fox (2013)

I've mentioned before that I don't get sent records for review very often (feel free to fix that and send me some) so when I do, I really take my time and listen very carefully before I pop something up on this site. Especially if I'm not really a huge fan of the record. Case in point is this Flying Kangaroo Alliance 7".

I've had this 7" for a few months and I've been trying to articulate exactly how I feel about it. I don't hate it, it's certainly no the worst thing I've ever heard, but there's something that just sounds so dated to me. Flying Kangaroo Alliance is a female fronted band that at best I can describe as a 90's grunge tribute. The singer slips into that Sleater-Kinney warble that I've never been a huge fan of and the music is total 90's start/stop guitar verse with a slightly faster chorus.

You can name drop a who's who of 90's female rock bands; Garbage, Hole, Veruca Salt...there are bits and pieces of all of these bands in the 2 songs on this 7". Like I said, it's OK, I would rather listen to 90's knock off bands than a lot of other things these folks could be doing, but it's not something I would anticipate going back to very often.

And lastly, if you're a record label, don't send out a one sheet talking about how punk rock your label is because you don't have a website or a Facebook or whatever. If you don't want to have one, fine, but that shouldn't be some sort of bizarre selling point. It just comes off as being really goofy.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance - Hit The Wall:

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