Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heavy Times - No Plans 7" - Gold Vinyl, Alt Cover (/200)

HoZac (2010)

So this is a weird one. I was reorganizing my 7"s the other day and while I was filing recent purchases into the main vault I found this 7". I bought this way back in 2010 but never reviewed it on this site. Best I can tell, I'm not even sure I ever listened to it. A very odd situation for sure, but I'll rectify that today.

Those familiar with Chicago's Heavy Times are probably aware of their stomp rocking squall. They're a band that funnels a tremendous amount of energy into their songs. Well, that wall of sound is not representative on the 2 songs from this 7" at all. I'm not saying that as a criticism or a compliment, this 7" is just a different beast altogether, but I like it.

The A-side "No Plans" is an economic, simple song. Just a voice and a guitar. There's is the slightest touch of reverb on the vocals and that's combined with a repeating, gently plucked, descending guitar riff. It's very basic and stripped down, but it's a great song, The B-side is a bit more robust with a full compliment of backing instruments. Again, it's much more subdued than anything on either of the two Heavy Times full lengths and shows a calmer band, but one that can still put together a hell of a tune.

I have no clue how this 7" got lost in my collection, but I'm lucky that it came back to the surface. Would have been a shame to miss it completely.

Heavy Times - "No Plans"

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