Thursday, March 27, 2014

Steve Gunn - Wildwood 7" - Blue Vinyl


Matador (2014)

I really wish the Matador Single Going Home Alone series was ending with a bang, but honestly these last few records just aren't doing anything for me.  Yesterday's Sleaford Mods 7" was just plain awful, but at least it elicited a little emotion in me.  This Steve Gunn 7" is flat out boring.

A-Side "Wildwood" is a mid tempo, acoustic guitar driven song.  It starts off with vaguely traditional sounding folk song lead guitar that's repeated over and over during the intro.  Then the verse pretty much settles right on top of that riff.  There's nothing all that interesting or exciting happening over the next few minutes.  Just a hypnotic drone over and over.

Amazingly the B-side "Worn Threads" leaves even less of an impact.  It's is several minutes of slow, light acoustic meandering.  I'm certainly not discounting this because it's predominantly acoustic, I enjoy lots of folks that have no need to plug in.  But to me it just seems like Steve Gunn is not able to harness any passion into these recordings and the end result is I just don't care.

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