Monday, March 17, 2014

Toys That Kill - Jukebox Records 7" (/300)

Jukebox (2013)

Jukebox Records set up a singles series last year, limited to 300 copies for each record. It's another example of the time honored tradition of subscribing and then you get some records every once in a while. I do love me a good singles club, but based on the bands that were going to participate, I couldn't justify pulling the trigger. Lucky for me, the one record that I did want to make sure I got a copy of ended up for sale by itself on the Recess Records website.

This Toys That Kill 7" is solid, but unremarkable. It has one original (which was already released on their last album) and 3 cover songs. 2 of the cover songs are by the band Warsaw, an early incarnation of Joy Division (I had to look that up, I am not well versed on Joy Division at all) the 3rd cover is an Adam Ant tune.

All 3 covers are OK, when filtered through the Toys That Kill lens they do fit in with the band's catalog someone, but they just can't shake the stigma of really, truly just sounding like extra songs earmarked for B-sides. It's a good enough record to add to the collection, and I like the idea of jukebox singles, but there's nothing on here that's essential.

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