Monday, September 22, 2014

Beck - Looking For A Sign 7"


Fonograf (2014)

This is a Beck record that I never thought I was going to get.  It was originally only sold at the merch booth of a tour he did of Australia in 2012.  Since that tour, I've yet to see one on the secondary market.  I'm sure it's been sold, but I haven't seen it.  I just figured it was one that I'd have to move on from.  It wouldn't have been the end of the world as I'm far from having the complete Beck collection I was sporting in the mid 90's, but as the 2 songs were acoustic, it stung.

Well, lo and behold, without warning, Beck threw up some copies of this on his webstore.  At $15 bucks a pop and some unreasonably expensive shipping, I can't help feel a little bilked.  But, I bit my tongue and ordered it.  They must not have lasted too long as they're gone from the store now.  So while I have a problem with Beck setting such a steep price, the truth is I probably would have paid even more for this on eBay due to how scarce it was.

Oh, the music? Both songs are great. Slow, somber, sad Beck.  They both could work easily on Mutations, Sea Change or Morning Phase.  I believe both songs are on other compilation albums, but for me, it's nicer to have the 7" in the collection.  I'm not letting Beck off the hook completely about the cost, but hopefully the money is at least going direct to him instead of some label or other third party nonsense.

Beck - Looking For A Sign:

Beck - Corrina, Corrina:

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