Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Supercrush - Lifted 7"


Grave Mistake (2013)

Man, everything about this record is so perfectly 90's alternative rock.  I love it.  From the artwork, to the music, to the back cover photo of the band, to the name Supercrush.  If they were trying to make me pay attention, they succeeded, even if I'm a little late to the party.

I stumbled across Supercrush going through one of my favorite distros, looking for that one last 7" to push me over the edge to qualify for free shipping.  When I saw the name Supercrush and saw the picture of the record, I figured it was something worth taking a chance on.  Turns out I was right as both songs are that perfect upper mid tempo rock with gigantic guitars and hooks.  I'm actually most reminded of Dear You era Jawbreaker, but the really pop songs on that record.  Others may hear a bit of Swervedriver or other 90's era shoegaze rockers, but I find Supercrush to be much more straightforward, even if they retain some of the same sensibilities.

I can't imagine a better record that I've purchased just to qualify for free shipping.  Though this came out last October and there doesn't seem to be anything else happening with the band, I really hope that this wasn't a one off.  I want a full album from these guys desperately, so I hope they're working on it now.

Supercrush - Lifted 7":

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