Monday, September 8, 2014

Gold-Bears - Dalliance - White & Green Vinyl


Slumberland (2014)

I'm back from my end of summer vacation and I've made some adjustments to the website as well.  Nothing major, just a bit of a redesign with some new graphics.  Let me know what you think.  We'll start off the fall season with a quintessential summertime record, the new LP from Gold-Bears.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last Gold-Bears record, so I was pretty keen on this new one coming out, but I was not prepared with how much better this band had gotten since their last album.  Everything I loved about their debut has somehow gotten even better.  The songs are faster, the melodies are sweeter, the hooks are catchier and the production is perfect.  

Gold-Bears remind me a little bit of The Thermals at times, but without the barbs and with a ton of vocal harmonies added in.  Songs like"Yeah, Tonight" and "Memo" are two of my favorites but the cream of the crop is "For You."  I just love the interplay between the guitar and the vocals.  The riff holds down the song, while the lyrics just soar over everything.  

Again, I really liked the band's debut, but Dalliance is practically perfect.  If the year ended right now, there's no way this is not in the top 5 best records to have come out in 2014.

Gold-Bears - "For You":

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