Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Jackhammers - S/T 7"


S'Not (2014)

What we have here is your basic "1-2-3-4" cave man punk rock.  Some fellows banging on their instruments and putting their music out into the world.  Though I can't say that this would always be up my alley, The Jackhammers are much better than your average band trying to pull this sort of thing off.

Hailing from Glasgow, The Jackhammers are not going to win any awards for the production on this record.  The vocals are way up front in the mix and at times it hides the music of the band.  They've definitely got chops.  You can tell they're pretty tight and they're putting together some good riffs, but the vocals kind of obscure that at times.  However, when the band is really humming along, they capture an energy that can be lost with overly glossy production.

For me the best song is probably "Count Me Out." It's super fast paced and catchy, but (I hate to harp on this) the vocals are awfully loud and I think the band would benefit greatly from some volume adjusting next time they go back for more recording.  This 7" definitely shows promise, The Jackhammers just need a little fine tuning.

The Jackhammers - S/T 7":

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