Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baby Shakes - Starry Eyes LP


Lil Chewy (2015)

It's pretty crazy to think about how much talent was gathered on the Douchemaster Records roster a few years ago.  They had so many great bands releasing records with them.  Since the label went kaput, the talent has scattered across a myriad of labels.  Some labels appear to have been created just to release the records of some of these bands.  Enter Lil Chewy records and Baby Shakes.

Starry Eyes is the second Baby Shakes full length and it is every bit as fun and catchy as their debut.  Two guitars, a bass, some drums and melodies and harmonies for days are what Baby Shakes bring to the table.  Their back to basics take on low distortion, high enthusiasm rock and roll simply makes me smile whenever I listen to it.  While the subject matter of the songs isn't heavy, it perfectly accompanies the light and breezy mood of this album.  A good time out in the summer sun is the first thing I think of when listening to this band.

If you've listened to Baby Shakes in the past, you won't be surprised or disappointed with Starry Eyes.  It's a logical follow up to their debut that's full of catchy songs and killer vocals.  I'm a big fan in the same way that I always loved the straightforward pop of the band Cub.

Baby Shakes - Starry Eyes LP:

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