Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Century Palm - White Light 7"


Symbolic Capital Industries (2014)

This is the first of two Century Palm 7"s that were sent to me to review.  As I've said in the past, this dumb little website isn't really a magnet for tons of free records sent my way.  I get a little something every so often and even if they're not very good, I'm always appreciative that anyone is paying attention (Although judging some of the records, I question if they're actually paying attention, but that's another story).  

When I opened up the package that contained the Century Palm records, I was even more optimistic than usual.  The artwork was nice and simple, but in a way that I could take the band seriously.  Also, I found out that the band is comprised by some of the same folks in bands like The Zebrassiers and Ketamines, so there's some pedigree there as well.  The two songs on this 7" delivered in a big way.

A-side "White Light" is a tight, upbeat song built off a great choppy, guitar riff.  It's catchy in the right places and draws upon new wave influences, but keeps them grounded enough in straight up rock and roll so as not to get too weird or annoying.  On the flip side we have "New Creation."  This one goes a little deeper into synth territory than the A-side.  I hear more of The Zebrassiers in this song, though it's significantly more laid back than The Zebrassiers frantic pop output.  While "New Creation" probably drifts a bit further into a 1980's sound than I typically like, it's still a strong song that had me nodding my head along every time I listened to it.

It looks like from their Bandcamp page, this 7" was also released as a cassette that had two additional songs on it.  I still prefer getting vinyl!  Though the other two songs are quite good too if you want to give them a listen as well.

Century Palm - White Light 7":

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