Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Phylums - Phylum Phyloid LP - Green Vinyl (/200)


Dirtnap (2015)

If I don't hold the record for the number of Dirtnap records purchased within the first minute of them being put on sale, I figure I have to be at least in the top five.  This is a label that I've trusted for years and I buy virtually everything they release.  When this Phylums record was announced, I once again started counting down the days until I could buy it.

It didn't hurt that the singer from Phylums was also in another band that I was a big fan of, The Goodnight Loving.  While Phylums skews less country twang and more rock and roll stomper, I figure if you like one, you'll probably like the other too.  Phylums are taking rock and roll back to the basics. Their stripped down approach and bristling energy reminds me a lot of The Trashmen or Sam The Sham when the tempo is up and the band is kicking.  The record is just a joy to listen to in these moments.

There are a one or two songs that slow things down and, to me, aren't really as strong as the faster paced songs.  "Route 66" takes the energy down a bit too far and it kind of zaps the energy on side one that had been building through the preceding three songs.  The others are more mid tempo than slow and even those are pretty good, so my complaints are minimal.  If you enjoy a little ramshackle guitar with some surfy overtones, a pounding rhythm section and 60's innocence in your rock and roll, Phylums are likely right up your alley.

Phylums - Phylum Phyloid LP:

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