Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Record Store Visit: Bric-A-Brac Records - Chicago, IL - 09/10/15


I am back from my little vacation and my trip to Chicago to see Drive Like Jehu.  Both times I saw Jehu were incredible and I'm so glad that I managed to go to those shows.  It was also great to see loads of friends from around the country who had also come out for the shows.  It was a truly great time and I hope I see everyone again really soon.  

I can't say that I did a ton of record shopping while I was in town, but I did hit up two new stores.  The first of which was called Bric-A-Brac Records.  Located in Logan Square, it's a medium sized shop, but they sure have crammed a ton of stuff in there.  While I didn't buy anything (I was traveling pretty light and needed to keep it that way), that had a good selection of rock and roll.  As a whole I guess you could say they lean towards the garage-ier type stuff, but I saw plenty of neat things from all genres digging through their 7"s.

The thing that actually makes this the sort of shop I really wish we had in New Jersey is that they also sell vintage toys.  The toy section is pretty small in comparison with the records, but they had a lot of great stock.  In particular they had quite a few of the old Kenner Ghostbusters toys and a ton of He-Man.  The prices seemed pretty reasonable to me, but again, I wasn't really set up to be buying a bunch while in town.

Absolutely a store worth sticking your nose in if you are in Chicago.

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