Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nervosas - S/T - Clear Vinyl (/200)


Dirtnap (2015)

When it's done well, I really like darker, downstroke heavy punk rock.  You can probably blame Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu for that one (and obviously the Wipers).  Whenever I hear bands like Crusades, Red Dons or The Estranged, it flips a switch in my brain.  While I still need a little bit of catchy pop as part of the equation, if you can give me something fast, dark and serious, I'm in.

Nervosas definitely fall into the same category as these other great bands.  They're got the same sort of searing guitar work along with a tight, but somewhat muddy rhythm section.  It's a potent combination that gives Nervosas a familiar, but still distinct sound.  

Vocally, the singer has something of a warble going on.  It's not as cartoony as say a Jello Biafra delivery, but it is different from my usual preference of gravely worn in vocals.  It does work amazingly well in the context of this band.  Especially when paired with some of the more complex guitar work that kicks in every so often.

Nervosas is just great punk rock.  If you're into any of the other bands mentioned earlier, it's pretty much a no brainer to pick up.  Seriously, how often has Dirtnap steered you wrong?  Almost never.

Nervosas - S/T:

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