Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A House Safe For Tigers - S/T LP


Headless Actor (2015)

I am really leery of bands that are described as, or describe themselves as chamber pop.  The first time I heard that phrase used was to describe the band Matt Pond PA.  And let me tell you, I really hate Matt Pond PA.  Talk about a band with nothing to say.  Anyway, the point is that whenever I see that to describe a band, I just automatically assume I won't like it.  After getting this record in the mail to review, I trotted over to the A House For Tigers Bandcamp page and looked at the tags, sure enough: fucking chamber pop.

I guess chamber pop is an accurate description.  This isn't the most exciting band in the world.  The songs are slow, somewhat boring and have a lot of whimsical instrumentation in the background.  You know, things like keyboards, xylophones and all the rest of the sort of atmospheric nonsense bands use when they're trying to add depth to songs that are lacking it.

This isn't awful.  In no way does it create the sort of rage I feel towards Matt Pond PA.  That being said, this just isn't the sort of thing I would listen to.  It's just too sleepy and lacking oomph for me.  The thing I want out of bands more than anything else is that I want to feel their passion and their enthusiasm coming from their songs.  When I listen to this record, I just feel tired.

A House Safe For Tigers - S/T LP:

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