Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nervous Twitch - I'm Sorry That I Made You Cry 7" - Tri Color Vinyl


Punk Fox (2016)

Punk Fox graces the pages of this website once again with the second Nervous Twitch 7" they've released.  You may or may not remember that the first Nervous Twitch 7" was the one that finally broke the streak of me not really liking any of the records Punk Fox had sent me.  For the most part, this new 7" keeps that on track.

The obvious highlight of the record is lead track, "I'm Sorry That I Made You Cry."  It's got an upbeat tempo and those jangly guitars that I love so much.  Very reminiscent of Baby Shakes to my ears; it's just a fun slab of rock and roll.  On the B-side is the mid tempo, surfy instrumental "East Coast Rumble."  As far as surfy instrumentals go, it's no better or worse than any other I've ever heard.  If nothing else, it sort of acts as a palate cleanser between the other two songs.

Unfortunately, the 7" kind of ends on a downer as "A Little Self Discipline" is the least enjoyable of the three songs and of anything I've heard by Nervous Twitch.  It's intentionally slow and deliberate, but I just get the feeling that I'm being scolded while listening to this.  The vocals are very direct and not particularly melodic.  Honestly, it kind of sounds like a different band than the one on the prior two songs.  I like the band of those first two songs much better.  Still, "I'm Sorry That I Made You Cry" is a strong enough song that this is still a 7" worth looking into.

Nervous Twitch - "I'm Sorry That I Made You Cry":

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