Thursday, February 18, 2016

Boat - Setting The Paces LP - Orange Vinyl


Magic Marker (2009)

Since discovering Boat through their tremendous album Dress Like Your Idols, I've been gradually working my way through their back catalog.  This was gradual on purpose.  There have been times where I was so enamored by a band that I went out and bought a bunch of their earlier records all at once.  The result tended to be that I would end up so overwhelmed by sheer amount of music, nothing would really stick.  Don't believe me? Come over and I'll show you the seven Screamfeeder CDs that I haven't listed to since 1998.

Setting The Paces is the third Boat album that was released and it is now the fourth one of theirs that I've checked out.  It's kind of a cop out to say this, but really, if you've heard and enjoyed any of their prior records, it's a pretty safe bet you'll dig this one as well.  Most Boat songs just reek of 1990's indie rock in the absolute best possible way.  There's copious amounts of high pitched guitar interplay and shifting rhythms. The vocals have a Doug Martchs meets Stephen Malkmus vibe and the lyrics are quirky, but still manage to suck you into the story.

It looks like there's only one more Boat record that I don't have and that is 2007's Let's Drag Our Feet.  Seems to be CD only at the moment, but I'm hopeful someone will kick up a vinyl reissue.  Otherwise, I'm going to give Setting The Paces some more time to sink in and then I'll spring for that CD.  Of course the best case scenario is a new batch of Boat songs.  The band has been quiet for a bit.  Hopefully they'll start making some noise again real soon.

Boat "Lately":

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