Thursday, February 11, 2016

Defect Defect - My Life Is Like Death 7"


Snuffy Smiles / Dirt Cult (2015)

From reading the little description for this 7" on the Dirt Cult Bandcamp page, it looks like these songs were the result of one last recording session before Defect Defect called it a day.  The reason?  Seems that the band was asked by Snuffy Smiles to tour Japan.  I can absolutely see how that will make you delay your break-up for a bit.  I would do the same.  Heck, I'd join Defect Defect for a chance like that.

Snuffy Smiles is a co-conspirator on this 7" along with Dirt Cult.  I can't say that I love this 7".  It's alright for a band that leans towards the hardcore punk rock spectrum of things; they don't scream nearly as much as a lot of bands do.  There's some gruff, angry sounding vocals, but it never breaks down into unintelligible yelling.  So that's a plus from my point of few.

The other side to the coin is like a lot of hardcore leaning bands they seem a bit trapped in a box.  The guitars are playing their chords, the drumming is intense and powerful and the bass is thumping along, but it never really feels inspired and the songs are all a little predictable.  More than anything it just sounds kind of old to me.  I realize that probably sounds like some major league bullshit coming from the guy so obviously obsessive of the rock and roll sounds of the 90's.  Defect Defect seems to be throwing back to a time earlier than those golden years.  I guess that's a time and a sound I'm just not as enthralled with.

Defect Defect - My Life Is Like Death 7":

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