Monday, February 1, 2016

Holy Shit / Groaning Groove - Split 7"


Snuffy Smiles (2015)

It's always a wonderful time when I can take a few days and review a handful of 7"s from Snuffy Smiles, perhaps the greatest record label in the history of the earth.  I could certainly make an argument for it anyway.  That being said, with over a hundred and thirty 7"s in their catalog, they are not all going to be slam dunks for me.  This is one of those 7"s that doesn't quite hit that bar that Snuffy Smiles sets so high.

First up we have the band Holy Shit.  They've put out other records through Snuffy Smiles, so they are not a new addition to my collection.  Typically, I listen to their songs once as a courtesy (or to review) and then I never really go back again.  I picture that being the same for their side of this split.  Holy Shit is playing a super fast style of short hardcore songs.  They've crammed seven songs onto their side of the record that have insane drumming and way too much yelling for my taste.

On the other side is Groaning Grove.  While not playing the sort of hardcore that Holy Shit is going through, there is still quite a bit more shouting on their songs than I really want to listen to.  Musically, they lean more towards an abrasive and fast garage sound.  There are definitely some interesting riffs and a general enthusiasm that I can get behind, but when the singer starts up I immediately tune out.  I would buy this 7" no matter what in order to keep my Snuffy Smiles 7" collection complete, but I cannot recommend it if you want to pick it up and actually listen to it.  Unless you like yelling a lot more than I do.

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