Thursday, March 17, 2016

Defect Defect - Deefography Cassette


Snuffy Smiles (2015)

In the never ending quest to own all of the Snuffy Smiles releases, some tapes have been sneaking in over the last couple of years.  I don't know what spurred the label to begin releasing cassettes.  This is a pretty new phenomenon. There aren't really many cassettes released over the label's twenty-plus year history.  I'm also unsure why Snuffy Smiles releases so few CDs these days, but at the end of the day I'm always happy to support my favorite label in the world.

I'll admit that Defect Defect is not really a band I have paid too much attention to over the years.  They've had the occasional song pop up on my radar, most notably through other Snuffy Smiles 7"s, but they've never really grabbed me.  This cassette is supposed to be something of a discography release.  Poking around on Discogs, it does seem like this is almost everything they've released.  There's a few songs here and there that didn't make it on, most notably the ones from the band's recent 7", also on Snuffy Smiles.

The music itself is kind of hit and miss for me.  When the band is playing a bit slower and really lets that Wipers-esque downstroking be in the forefront, they churn out some pretty great songs.  These songs remind me a lot of the better moments of The Estranged.  But when Defect Defect really picks up the tempo and starts yelling, I tend to lose interest.  There's a wide range of songs here, but the ones that I seem to like the most are the cluster that made up the band's only LP.  

I don't know if I like Defect Defect enough to actually go pick up that album on vinyl, but it's certainly an OK listen.  That being said, no matter what music was on this tape, it's an automatic buy for me as I need to keep the Snuffy Smiles collection complete.

Defect Defect - Self Titled LP (About half the songs on this cassette are on this LP):

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