Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Les Chaussettes - Triple Water 7" - Red Vinyl


Punk Fox (2016)

I had reviewed the first Les Chaussettes 7" when Punk Fox had sent it to me for review.  I said some less than flattering things about it, but then again I less than enjoyed it.  You could say I felt some trepidation about firing up this latest 7" of theirs, but it turns out their new one is significantly better than the last.

On this 7", Les Chaussettes is definitely moving more in the direction of jangly guitar bands like Baby Shakes.  I realize that Baby Shakes are becoming a somewhat common reference point that I use for female fronted guitar bands, but since they are undoubtedly my favorite of those kinds of groups it should be taken as a flattering comparison.

The songs are more upbeat than on the prior Lew Chaussettes single.  I still think the vocals are the weakest part of the band.  While they're a massive step up from the dead inside monotone of their last record, I still never get the feeling that they are really all that excited about singing these songs.  I just wish they had a bit more oomph.  Still, I particularly like the little Pizzicato Five-esque chanting part thrown into "Russian Boy."  As a whole it's such a big improvement from their last 7" that I'm curious to see where they go next. 

Les Chaussettes - Triple Water 7":

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