Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sebadoh - Bakesale LP


Sub Pop (2011, Reissue)

This is an attempt of going back to the 90's to give another chance to a record I didn't really pay attention to at the time.  I'm not really sure why I never listened to Bakesale when it was out.  Bakesale was the current Sebadoh record available when my friend Joe and I stumbled across them in high school.  For some reason I was first drawn to their wackier, lo fi releases.  I had the Freed Weed CD and several Sentridoh albums as well (I was also going through a tape label phase at this time).

By the time I was in collage and '96 rolled around, I picked up their record of that year Harmacy.  Bakesale was a record I skipped and I have no real valid reason aside from possibly lack of funds.  But that's not really a great excuse as I sure managed to buy a lot of other records during that timeframe.  Back to the task at hand, Bakesale is pretty damn great.  This is a revelation that is probably not much of a surprise to a lot of folks, but it's likely the Sebadoh record I like best now.  That is extremely noteworthy as it is a rarity for my favorite record by a band to not be the one that I heard first.  To go back 20 years later and have this replace The Feed Weed as my favorite is definitely an anomaly.

I think it has a lot to do with how well this album is constructed and how strong the pop hooks are.  Sure, they're not really blatant, in your face singalongs or anything, but this record has a real knack for drawing me in with its droopy catchiness.  It's a reminder that there's still a lot of music out there to check out.  Even a record as obvious as Bakesale eluded me for a while.  Who knows what else is out there waiting to blow my mind?

The reissue LP comes with a download code that has a bunch of extra stuff.  Some interesting, some not so much.  The CD reissue is the one that got the real deluxe treatment, so that might be worth grabbing for some.  For me, I'm just happy to own the regular album on vinyl.

Sebadoh - "License To Confuse":

Sebadoh - "Not A Friend::

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