Thursday, March 31, 2016

Snuff - No Biting! 12"


10 Past 12 (2016)

It truly warms my heart when there is a new Snuff record.  These guys have been one of my absolute favorite bands for over twenty years at this point.  They are essentially the only band that can give Rocket From The Crypt a run for the top spot in my heart.  The fact that the band is still recording and releasing new music in 2016 is something to celebrate. Also, the appearance of Happy Clock on the cover again is a nice touch.

The really amazing thing about Snuff is that the quality of songs they are able to pull off has not diminished at all over the years.  The EPs lead track, "Bob's Song," immediately pulls you back into the late 90's/early 2000's Tweet Tweet My Lovely era of the band.  Bouncy guitar riffs, catchy hooks and perfectly placed trombone accents make this on of the highlights.  As is usual for any Snuff release, you are going to get a variety of styles as each of the EPs seven songs unfold.  From the harsher, more hardcore leaning "Conductor 71," to the every so slightly metal guitar tinges on "Rue The Day" to the flat out wackiness of their cover of "Galloping Home (Theme From Black Beauty)," Snuff is firing on all cylinders and haven't lost a step.

No Biting, coupled with a recent reissue of my favorite Snuff album Demmamussabebonk, and a recent UK tour have Snuff front and center once again.  Hopefully this leads to more music, more touring (maybe America again?) and to a new full length.  I have a lot of Snuff records in the collection, but there's always room for more.

Snuff - No Biting 12":
(It's just a  little preview video thing with clips of each song, I can't find any whole songs streaming anywhere)

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