Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leatherface - Discography Part Two LP


Rejected (1998)

Even after all of these years, I have a few holes in the collections of some of my very favorite bands.  At this point it's mostly just some variants, but of course the ultimate goal is to catch them all.  I've been keeping an eye out for the Rejected records version of the Discography Part Two LP for quite a while.  It was never really a priority though, as I already have the Deranged records version that comes with a bonus 7", plus I had the CD version of the Rejected release.

What I was really waiting for was a good price.  I wanted this in the collection, but it wasn't until one popped up on Discogs for $15 that I finally picked it up.  Happy to have it on the shelf, though I probably won't actually end up listening to it too much as in some cases these are the third or fourth times I've bought most of these songs.

Oh, but what songs they are.  Leatherface put out a good amount of singles over their career.  Despite the fact that nothing that Leatherface released on Fire records was able to be included, there's still quite a few hits.  The absolute highlight for me os one of my very favorite Leatherface songs, "Dreaming." This sucker is worth the purchase all on its own.  Throw in the live staple cover of Wat Tyler's "Hops and Barley" and their blistering take on Abba's "Eagle" and baby, you've got a stew going.

This certainly would feel more complete if the songs from the 1992 Compact and Bijou EP could have been included, but considering the limitations Discography Part Two is a pretty good little compilation.  I do still think it's weird that Discography Part One never came out on vinyl, though that one only contained live recordings.

Leatherface - "Dreaming":

Leatherface "Eagle":

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