Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Heavy Lids - Bleed 7" - Blue Vinyl


Big Neck (2017)

Of the recent batch of records that Big Neck sent me, I'm probably least interested in this Heavy Lids 7".  Not that it's inherently bad or anything, but it's not the sort of band that typically connects with me.

Both songs are pretty barebones, full force ahead, stomping blasts in the tradition of early 80s punk rock forefathers. The guitars are a brutal wall of fuzz that combine with very prominent keyboards and gritty vocals.  There's a subtle hook buried in the A side "Bleed," but it's really subtle.  You're mostly smacked in the face with a barrage of pounding drums.

On the B side "No Reason," things slow down a little, but it's still a pretty angsty and powerful.  For the type of music they're playing, Heavy Lids do a totally fine job of things.  This just isn't really the sort of thing that I'm usually into.  I need songs that are a bit catchier.

Heavy Lids - Bleed 7"

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