Monday, December 11, 2017

Red Dons - Genocide 7" - Red Vinyl (/150)


Man In Decline (2017)

I'd be hard pressed to name a band that has been more consistently great over the past ten years than Red Dons.  While they never seem to get the sort of accolades or attention that I think they deserve, this is a band that is incapable of not churning out a hit record every time.  

Red Dons have been a bit quiet since the release of their 2015 album, The Dead Hand of Tradition.  Apparently they've been hiding and writing masterpieces.  Side A of this 7" kicks off with "Genocide."  The band once again shows their mastery of dark, downstroke heavy punk rock that still manages to hide incredible pop hooks.  Hot Snakes may be downstroke warlords, but Red Dons surely have a fiefdom of their own.

B side "Letters" is just as great with a jangly guitar tone that still manages to sound kind of sinister, yet retains the sort of catchiness you'd expect to find in a much more lighthearted band.  There's something really special about this group and I sure hope that this 7" is a precursor to a new album.  That's something I'd pick up on day one.

Red Dons - Genocide 7":

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