Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Blues Brothers - I Got Everything I Need (Almost) 7" (Japan)


Atlantic (1978)

"I Got Everything I Need (Almost)" was the last song from Briefcase Full Of Blues to be released as a single.  Like "Rubber Biscuit," it wasn't released in the US or Europe with any picture sleeve.  The only region that received one was Japan and it's a good one.  This 7" has completely unique artwork that wasn't recycled from any previous Blues Brothers record and features a pretty excellent shot of the boys dancing on stage.  It's uniqueness makes it one of my favorite Blues Brothers 7"s that I've picked up during this quest to find all of their picture sleeves.  

"I Got Everything I Need (Almost)" has long been one of my favorite Blues Brothers songs.  It's positioned in that first run of songs on Side A that leads up to "Rubber Biscuit," perhaps one of the greatest album stretches I've ever heard.  I always liked the affectation that Jake uses on his voice on this song, it gives it a feeling that you don't really hear on any of the others, almost as if the character of this song has just stumbled out of a bar drowning his sorrows and this song is his confession of why he's so down.

On the B side we have "Hey Bartender."  This is another song pulled from that same batch of songs on side A of Briefcase Full Of Blues. It's the first real song on the album after the "Can't Turn You Loose" intro and again, it's a long time favorite of mine.  The band is on fire and Jake is all revved up for this one.  It could be argued this song is one of the most emblematic songs The Blues Brothers ever did.  While certainly not their most well known or popular, it really sort of captures the band at their peak on Briefcase Full Of Blues.  Both are incredible songs and this 7" is absolutely one of the crown jewels in my budding Blues Brothers 7" collection.

The Blues Brothers - "I Got Everything I Need (Almost)": 

The Blues Brothers - "Hey Bartender":

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