Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Hussy - I See Just Fine 7" - White Vinyl


Big Neck (2017)

This 7" is the last one left out of the package that Big Neck sent me to review. I didn't leave it for last  for any specific reason.  It's not my least favorite of the Big Neck records I received, though I can't quite say I've saved the best for last either.  It's actually just a pretty solid, easy to listen to 7".

The Hussy is pumping our treble heavy guitar mixed in with an abundance of raw energy and fast paced drumming.  The songs have a pretty straightforward pop catchiness to them, but it's rammed through a meat grinder of fuzz, keeping it rough and ready.  A side "I See Just Fine" rests on the strength of a hooky, repeated guitar lead and the lost-in-a-cave vocals that tie everything together.  I don't love the breakdown in the middle where a bunch of sampled dialog drifts through the song, but other than that, it's a hit.

There's two songs on the B side, but the second one "Better Stuff" is the highlight.  It's a short, fast blast of garage-y pop punk.  It feels like the entire song is a chorus, with its super catchy vocal melody and bouncy drumming.  It may be the best thing on the 7" and I wish it were twice as long as it is.  I wasn't really familiar with Hussy prior to checking out this 7", but this 7" of their's is pretty good stuff.

The Hussy - I See Just Fine 7":

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