Monday, December 18, 2017

Turncoat - I. R. I. S. CD


Waterslide / Mostoff (2015)

Turncoat is another one of those Japanese bands that I somehow completely missed keeping track of.  I picked up their first album back in 2011, but never kept up on their other releases.  In addition to the CD Ep that I'm reviewing today, I just realized that Turncoat have a second full length CD that I didn't know existed either.  I really need to do abetter job of keeping track of bands that I like.

I guess it was worth the self inflicted wait on listening to this EP, because it is pretty great.  Strong, mid tempo and catchy punk rock with dueling male/female vocals and hooks in all of the right spots.  This CD is also a reminder that I actually have no idea how to play the guitar as they effortless shift from delicate and intricate leads to crunchy and dynamic chord progressions.  

There are elements of the way the band structures their songs that remind me of Dear You era Jawbreaker, though the vocals are completely different.  This comparison is especially interesting as the band also tackles an early Jawbreaker song with their cover of "Want" on this release (it's not up on the Bandcamp link, but it is on the CD itself).  It's a really great version that blends in surprising well with the rest of the band's original material.  If nothing else, I'm going to try really hard not to miss any future releases by Turncoat.  Oh, and I also have to go back and try to find their second album as well.

Turncoat - I. R. I. S.:

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