Friday, September 6, 2013

Abolitionist - The Growing Disconnect LP

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This is the first time anyone has sent me an actual full length album to review for this website. I've had a few 7"s come in and even a 12" single once, but it was pretty cool to get this in the mailbox. I had never heard of Abolitionist prior to the band getting in touch with me. These things can go either way. I've gotten a few cool records sent to me and I've gotten some that aren't so hot. The Growing Disconnect turned out to be a pretty nice surprise.

The band is working within the catchy punk rock arena that was really established by bands like Jawbreaker back in the 90's. Gruff vocals, dark lyrics but with razor sharp hooks and an obvious passion for what they do. The Growing Disconnect paints a pretty bleak landscape lyrically, but does it with Dillinger Four like precision and energy that makes the album just fly by. The songs that stand out to me tend to be the ones that lean to the catchier side of things like "Thank Them" and "Blight Blood Red Letters." I just can't imagine someone who likes the sort of fare No Idea typically releases not being into this record.

There are a couple tracks that have a bit more of a straight up Bad Religion inspired sound to them and even though that's not really my thing, the songs whip by at such a fast pace they actually add some variety to the dynamic of the album which can be helpful. Even though this website is really just here for me to document my record buying addiction, it's a pretty cool thing that like minded souls will take the time to send you something of theirs to listen to. The fact that this is a really good record is just a bonus.

Abolitionist - The Growing Disconnect LP

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