Friday, September 27, 2013

Record Store Visit: Logan Hardware - Chicago, IL - 09/16/13

The very last stop for the day on my record shopping tour of Chicago was at a place called Logan Hardware. While I won't say this was the best record store I went to while I was in Chicago, it was absolutely the coolest one I was at.

Logan Hardware is a big store. The room just feels like it goes on for days and they have a great mix of stock. New & used underground rock 7"s, piles and pile of oldies 45s, CDs, LPs, DVDs, VHS tapes, blind box action figures, wacky candy and more. Musically, I wouldn't say they focus on any one specific genre, but it's very much an independent record store so the selection is as it should be.

I really enjoyed the dynamic vibe of the store as there was just so much to look at, but the crowning achievement of Logan Hardware is the secret vintage arcade museum hidden at the back of the store. Maybe it's not really a secret as they do talk about it on the store's website, but being in the actual store itself, I would have had no idea it was there had we not been there with a local.

After you purchase something at the store, you get back a receipt with a secret code on it. You then punch that code into a locked door at the back of the store and enter into a hidden arcade full of vintage video games. Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, Moon Patrol, TMNT, about 8 pinball machines and many more favorites. Simply amazing. Musically, I'd probably be happiest if there was a Reckless Records in New Jersey, but as far as just a flat out cool, fun store; I sure wish there was a Logan Hardware around here somewhere.

That wrapped up my record shopping in Chicago. I had a great time going around and wanted to once again thank the great @swamipat for showing my wife and I the shops to hit and for taking us out for one hell of a good burger.

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