Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Southport - Southern Soul LP

Yo Yo (2013)

Simon Wells is the main man responsible for Southport and if his name sounds familiar to you it is likely because this man is responsible for helping to create some of the greatest records of all time during his days playing guitar for the band Snuff. The Snuff records that came out when Simon was in the band are true classics.

Southport has been kicking around off and on for well over a decade at this point. I was actually lucky enough to see one of their early shows when they played with Wat Tyler, Leatherface and Snuff at the Andy Crichton memorial show that I flew to London to see back in the 90's. I ended up with one of their demo tapes that pretty much became their debut album Nothing Is Easy. They vanished for a while, but came back with Armchair Supporters a few years ago. It was pretty good, though maybe not as strong as the first.

Now Southport are back for the third and, from the sound of things, final time with Southern Soul. It's an album that is very easy to listen to, with catchy songs played at a mid tempo pace. There aren't any punked-out burners here, nor are there really any very slow ballad-esque songs to speak of, but what the band has churned out is a very strong swan song.

Southern Soul is a very appropriate name for the record, and it's reflected in the vocals more so than anywhere else. Every song has a laid back vibe and I will admit to wishing there was a bit more urgency like they display on tracks from the band's first album like "Pilot" or "Drive By." But aside from the bizarre "Bob Marlow," which is essentially just a cover of "I Shot The Sheriff," this is an album with a lot of replay value. More than anything, it sounds like music made by old punks for old punks, and that's something I can relate to.

Southport - Last Time:

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