Friday, August 30, 2013

Ken South Rock / Giant Battle Monster - Split 7" - Coke Bottle ClearVinyl (/200)

Artificial Head (2013)

I must admit, it's been pretty neat to see some record labels and bands have been mailing me copies of records to listen to and review lately. It's certainly not like mail mailbox is swamped, but I think 4 people have sent me a record this summer. Say what you will, but the chance to try out some new tunes is always a fun time for me. Even if the record is terrible.

Speaking of terrible, there's this split 7". While I appreciate the fact that the record was sent to me to review, these bands are both pretty bad. Certainly not my thing. The first band, Ken South Rock, are playing a loud, borderline grungy rock. Their singer is shouting and wailing like a cross between a raspy Jello Biafra and some bad hair metal guy that I likely don't know the name of. Ken South Rock is OK during their quieter moments, but as soon as the singer really starts going for it, I just can take no more.

Ken South Rock is a walk in the park compared to Giant Battle Monster. They come from that scene of experimental noise rock that, to me, sounds like someone took all of a band's instruments, hit record on a tape deck and then threw all of the instruments down a flight of stairs. There's no structure and my brain cannot process stuff like this.

On the upside, the packaging on this record is great. It's got an elaborate fold over cover with a tuck-in flap on the back and I find the black and white artwork very eye catching. But once you take the record out of the packaging, bad things are coming your way.

Ken South Rock / Giant Battle Monster - Split 7"

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