Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dagger Eyes - The Dagger Eyes LP - White Vinyl (/100)

Ptrash (2013)

I picked this up earlier in the year as part of my most recent Ptrash order. A punk band from Canada, putting out a record on Ptrash sounded like a can't miss proposition to me. Unfortunately, I can't see myself listening to it all that much. The band is great at what they do. '77 style punk rock with fast guitars and snarling vocals and they do it better than most bands throwing back to that era.

For me though, I'm just more of a pop kid and have always had a hard time getting into vocals like this. I like more melody in my tunes. But if you like a little snotty swagger to your punk rock, check them out.

The Dagger Eyes - The Dagger Eyes LP:

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