Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Dead - Bad News LP - Green Vinyl

Fat Wreck (2013)

I was looking forward to this Get Dead record as I waited for it to show up in the mail. I pre-ordered it early on to lock in the colored vinyl version that typically disappear so quickly from the Fat Wreck store. I was anticipating an early Against Me vibe with their mix of acoustic and electric folk punk.

I was definitely feeling it during the first 2 tracks of the album. "Kerouacs Teeth" and "The Process" both show a great deal of potential. The songs are earnest and well conceived; putting you in that sitting-around-the-campfire state of mind. Unfortunately those songs are the absolute peak of the record and the albums other 10 tracks just kind of meander around, repeating the same themes.

Nothing really stands out over the course of this record. It's by no means bad and the first two songs are actually quite good, but these songs quickly just fade into background noise. There's never that sit up and pay attention moment. I'd give Get Dead another chance in the future, but Bad News just isn't there yet.

Get Dead - Kerouac's Teeth:

Get Dead - The Process:

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