Monday, August 26, 2013

Soul Control - Get Out Now 7" (Freebie)

Bridge Nine (2011)

As you can hopefully read from the little sheet of paper I've included in the picture, this 7" was sent to me along with the latest Iron Chic 7" I ordered from Bridge Nine. That 7" was delayed for a bit, so they sent along a freebie as a make good. That's really nice of them, as I'm no stranger to pre-orders that go on for far longer than originally anticipated. Sadly, I just don't like this 7"

First off, it doesn't actually say Soul Control anywhere on this record. The only reason I was able to figure it out was by looking for the artwork on the Bridge Nine Bandcamp page. Why wouldn't you put your band name anywhere on your record? I don't understand that. Well the music is too hardcore for me. Bass heavy, muddy guitar. Guy shouting at me. I certainly won't claim to really understand much about the nuances of hardcore, but it sounds like most other bands like this sound to me: Loud and angry.

It was a nice effort on the part of Bridge Nine to send over an extra treat, if just doesn't belong in my collection.

Soul Control - Get Out Now:

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